by on November 4, 2018

Do you want to start dancing salsa and wondering where to start? Which style to choose? What style of dance is the most popular at parties? Relax, today we'll explain everything to you.

In general,there are 2 main styles of salsa - Cuban style and L.A. style. However salsa is developing at an unbelievable pace and perhaps soon we will see the Chinese style, Londoners eagerly speak about London Style.


Cuban Style Salsa

The Cuban style also known as Casino - casino is danced in three points which makes up a circular motion. The basic step is a walking step, which causes the dancers to move around the dance floor. This style is also characterized by spectacular figures with plaited hands, the so-called "Cuban knots", which causes close contact between partners in the dance and characteristic body movements that are based on body insulation. In this style of salsa, in addition to certain steps, one of the most important elements is improvisation, which is why everyone can add something to it.

An important element of the Cuban salsa is Rueda de Casino. It is a game of dancing in a circle, by an unspecified number of couples.It can take from two to an unlimited number of pairs set in a circle. Rueda is led by a leader (in Spanish - líder or cantante), calling names of figures, then danced by all pairs.

Have a look how amazing it is.


L.A. Style Salsa

Los Angeles Style is one of the varieties of salsa. It is called a linear salsa because its basis is to lead the partner in a straight line, in contrast to the Cuban salsa, in which the steam moves on a circle. Smooth movements and grace of partners, quick turnover, as well as great styling possibilities are characteristic elements of this style.


What is more complicated?

The L.A style is more difficult. More difficult because it requires more technique, there are more moves to make in a shorter time. Women will be able to dance both styles because they are invited by partners who dance different styles of salsa. Nevertheless, Salsa L.A. requires 'Lady Style' from women - work on moving your own body.

See what a dance school in your city offers and start your adventure with salsa. You can start with one and then switch to the other. The Cuban Style Salsa is more casual and relaxed than Salsa L.A. - but both styles are beautiful.


Practice makes perfect - remember this. With the right amount of practice - you'll be good in any kind of salsa. 

Ellie Harrison
I dance salsa L. A. style since 6 years! I love this style. I think it makes women feel very feminine, especially once they get more advanced with lady styling :)