by on November 11, 2018

The social dance party is not quite the same thing as a regular dance club party. This concept if often strange for new to social dance community and it can be quite troublesome to figure out the dos and don’ts on the dancefloor.

Here is the first part of our dance etiquette tips that will help you to avoid faux pas on the dancefloor.

Teaching on the dancefloor

Whenever you attend dance classes or workshops it is okay to correct your dance partner. After all both of you are there to become better dancers. Social dance is all about having fun and relaxing. Unless you are asked to do so (e.g. maybe you meet someone from your dance class who wants to practice new steps learned recently), you should avoid correcting or criticizing your partner’s dancing. Stopping in the middle of the song to explain or show how the figure should be executed is just not right. It might be too loud, too crowded and disturb other dancers and above all you might frustrate or even insult your dance partner.

You will hardly ever see professional dancers doing this when social dancing. They would rather adjust dancing level to their partner (in case of leading) or just try to enjoy the dance as much as possible understanding that everyone was a beginner once.

Likewise, you should not expect strangers to teach you how to dance during social dance party. Approaching someone and asking something like 'Will you teach me how to dance?' is simply rude and inappropriate.  Most often this happens to random people who accidentally end up on a social dancefloor. As a dancer you should bear in mind that most people came there to have fun and not to spend time teaching others. Although you might be lucky to find someone who will show you basic steps you should definitely not expect anything above that. It is simply not a right time and place! If you would like to learn some basics to begin with and not quite sure if dance classes are for you it is best to start with free open dance classes. These are very often offered before the party begins so you can see what is it all about!