Privacy Policy

About the Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is a document that defines the rules of processing personal details of users of our website. Privacy Policy is of great importance for us. We have created this document which guarantees protection of your personal details while using our website as we are responsible for your personal details which you provide. Reading Privacy Policy you can learn what information we collect and how, how we use it, with whom we share it, how you can access or change it, how we protect it.


About us website is under the management of the company “WebTower” (further "Company" or "We"), which is registered in compliance with the Law of Poland (REGON: 020852785, NIP: 9121828263) and registered office address Niemil 37, 55-200 Olawa, Poland.


Legal Positions

We know that using other people's personal details is a big problem for social networks users so we created this Privacy policy ("Policy") so that you knew how we use your personal details.


This Policy is valid every time you use a website (further "Website") and it works in combination with our User Agreement ("Terms"). By using the Website you accept our User Agreement and give your consent to collecting, storing, using and spreading your personal details in compliance with this Policy. You can always withdraw this consent. You can do it using corresponding option in your profile or contacting support team. In this case we will have to delete your profile and you will not be able to use it any more.

Company reserves the right to change Privacy Policy at its own consent any time without any prior notification so we kindly ask you to look through this section from time to time to be informed how we use your personal details.




1. Website Users

What information will Company collect if I register on the website and use some functions?

To register on the website or in the app you need to create a profile (further "Profile"). You will need to indicate the following details for registration: name, email address, gender, date of birth, your location. You can also provide other details but they are not compulsory. You manage your profile and these details are available for you any time - you just need to access your Profile and correct or update the information (except gender).


After your creation of profile we automatically track such information as your location and email address.


For security reasons and your better experience of using our website users can verify their profiles. For profile verification you may be required to provide your phone number, your photo or your ID photo. Providing these details is optional and you can use your profile without providing them. In case you provide such details we will use them to make sure you indicated true information about yourself. We will not provide your photos or your phone number to other users. This way we combat fake accounts which may be used to make harm to other users and to commit cybercrimes - such accounts are dangerous for the website and interfere with a pleasant experience of other users.


What information does Company collect about me if I am not 18 years old yet?

You can register on the website or use its functions only if you are already 18 years old. That means that Company does not on purpose collect any information about people under 18 years old. We do not attract and do not encourage using our website and/or app by people under 18 years old. If you are not 18 years old yet, please do not provide any information about yourself. In case we get aware of the fact that somebody under 18 years old is registered in our system and provided personal information, we will take action to terminate registration of such a user and delete his/her profile and all his/her personal information provided. If we deleted your profile due to your violation of our minimal age condition (18 years old), we can safe your IP address to prevent your future attempts of violation of our rules by creating a new profile.


Does Company collect my personal details if I am not a registered user but just a visitor?

No, we do not collect personal details of our website visitors.


What personal details are collected if I use the Website?

When you use the Website we will collect information about Wi-Fi spot and your location. This information helps us to detect your location so that it would be indicated in your profile and other users who limited region of search could find you in search results.


We can also store and use such details as your gender, IP address, geolocation, your user and advertising identifiers and your mobile device identifier for getting statistics information about using our Website.


We also collect information which you upload to the App or Website such as your photos and comments to them, your description in the sections "About me", "Basic Information" , your comments to other users' photos and other information uploaded by you.


Moreover, we store information about your profile settings, for example, interface language, notifications settings, settings of your photos visibility, of allowing other users to comment on your photos so that your experience on the Website was more convenient.


We also store your contacts list, correspondence history and other information about your actions on the Website to make your communication experience more convenient.


When you use the Website we collect particular technical information about your computer system or mobile device as well as statistics details about how you use our services. We use this information for improving our Website and services.


Can Company collect information about me from other websites which I use, for example Facebook?

If you registered in our Website using Facebook, Google or Twitter or confirmed your profile on these websites after registration we can obtain your identification details from these websites. These details are used for more convenient registration and authorization on the Website.


Does Company collect any other of my personal details?

If you contact our support team we will get the information which you send us and we will also store the history of your communication with us. We will keep a record of your correspondence with us including any complaints on other users which we get from you (or from other users on you).


What does Company do with extra information about me which I place on the Website?

You can easily meet new people, communicate with other users, and tell about yourself. Using the Website or App you should keep in mind that any published information will be available to users as well as to people who are not users of the Website. We encourage you (and all our users) to think about the information which you disclose. We do not recommend sharing email addresses, URL-addresses, messenger details, phone numbers, full names and addresses, bank card details, national identification numbers, driving license information and other information in your profile which is open for any kind of abuse.


Please be careful with publishing any sensitive information about yourself such as religion and information about health. Though you can provide this information of your own will (including sexual preferences) when you create a profile, there is no obligation to do it. When you post such information in your profile you are aware that you make this information publicly available and give us your consent to process this information in compliance with this Privacy Policy. Please remember that photos which you post on the Website can disclose such delicate information. If you indicate or upload any delicate information to the Website you give your consent to processing this information and providing public access to it to other users.


By publishing information about yourself or using a chat you share your private information at your own risk. If you publish anything that does not comply with our Terms we reserve the right to delete your account.


Will Company send me something?

You can choose in privacy settings if you would like to get notifications about new messages and other notifications regarding using the Website.


Does Company use my personal details for any other purposes?

We can use materials which you post for public access on the Website for advertising purposes on websites/apps of our partners. We suppose that it will help us to improve our Website and adjust your online experience to satisfaction of your needs.


We use your personal details to solve arguments, fix errors and provide compliance with our Terms.


We also use the information provided to get statistics information about using our Website. We can provide access to your information to the third party who deals with analyzing visiting website. These third parties process the information according to their privacy policies. In particular:



What are "cookies" and which "cookies" are used by Company?

We collect information by placing cookies on a computer or mobile device. Cookies are fragments of a text which are stored in your browser on your PC or in mobile device. Cookies store information about your visits of website and learn your preferences during every visit of a website. They provide website functionality by letting us provide services to a user by request.


When you access our website we use cookies for saving sessions. Cookies together with session are deleted when you close browser. We will also install permanent Cookies (also known as local memorizing devices) on users PCs so that our websites remembered users and made their authorization process easier and faster. We can use permanent cookies on your mobile device in security purposes mostly such as preventing fishing, protection from cheaters and unauthorized access, also to help you to get access if your profile was hacked. We do not use this information after you log out.


You can block cookies and local data storage devices in the settings of your browser but if you make this blocking you will not be able to use Website functions.


Company uses such technologies as cookie files and local storage for a number of reasons including safety of our Website and App, providing services and also for getting information about their use by our users and visitors. Main categories used by Company are:


Technologies which are necessary to analyze products and services of Apps and Websites and for making experience of using the Website more pleasant.

Cookies connected with website functionality, for example, memorizing your preferences when you access the system, language or technologies which provide your communication in chats, adding photos.

Cookies of third parties which refer to links to other social networks and which you request via social plugins.

Using Cookies and local storage allows Company learn more about you and your interests so that you could do online the things which are interesting for you, e.g. communicating with new people, sharing your content being sure that your information will be safe. We will describe in more details cookies and their usage in the table below.

Functions and purposes of cookies

Analytic and exploring activity

Company uses Google Analytics to collect information about users' usage of our Website. We use this information to make reports and to improve our Website. Cookies collect information anonymously including a number of visitors on the website, where they have come from and what pages they visit. To see more information about Google Privacy Policy please follow the link



These cookies help to identify our users and when you are online we can provide you with corresponding options, i.e. uploading photos, chat, localization – information in cookies allows us to display the Website in the language of your region (if you clicked "remember me").


Safety and working efficiency of the Website

We can use cookies of stable client state which helps to detect a device from which access to App is performed and protect access of other users to your account. This type of cookies also helps to combat spam, cheaters, prevents fishing and unauthorized attempts of logging in to your account and access to any hacked accounts.


Website Functions and Services

These cookies and local storage devices provide support of functional abilities that are necessary for providing products and Company services, for example, uploading photos, chatting, changing settings and search criteria. We also use these technologies to provide social plugins using which you can share your content on other social networks.


In some cases App or a function of Website that you choose may allow access to third parties, their placing cookies or local storage devices on your PC/device. Third parties that place cookies on your device are responsible for processing your personal information and we recommend reading their privacy policy. Below you can see third parties that place cookies on your device when you use Website/App and links to their privacy policies:






We use cookies and local storage devices so that you could use our website to your pleasure. By means of these technologies we process traffic routing between the servers, detect the speed of uploading pages and optimize the speed of running queries for Company services.


Cookies and local storage devices used by us including special cookie names may change from time to time, but in general they refer to the above categories. Please see this page regularly to stay updated.


If you would like to learn more about cookies including flash cookies/local storage devices, please see the following websites:

For video about cookies, please visit


2. Other Users

What do other users see when I place information about me on the Website?

For providing your communication on the Website other users have access to the following information posted by you: your user name and all information which you place in your profile including photos which you post in public albums. Any information which you decide to provide should contain things which you want to be known to all users of the Website. You can manage privacy options of your profile in settings.


What shall I do with personal details of other users?

Use them to meet new people. Please remember that it is forbidden to use other users' personal details in commercial purposes, for spamming, it is also forbidden to bother and threaten users. Company reserves the right to block/delete (terminate providing services) a user account for illegal use of personal details of other users or for any other violation of our Terms.


3. Third Parties

Does Company sell my personal information to third parties?

No, we do not sell or transfer your personal details to third parties.


Does Company disclose information about me to third parties?

In case if Company or any of our group companies remises business or changes an owner due to company merger or takeover, reorganization or selling all of a part of assets as well as in case of bankruptcy we can be obliged to disclose your personal details.


Our Company would like to support healthy environment and we will cooperate with all third parties to protect our intellectual property or other rights. We will also cooperate with law enforcement queries on and over the territory of your residence country. This may include disclosure of your details to government or to legal authorities or to individuals according to the current Law or when we consider that such disclosure is necessary for protection of our rights or interests of third parties and/or fulfillment of judicial decisions. In such cases we have the right to raise or refuse any objection in court or a right provided to us.


4. Storage of your personal details

Where are my personal details stored? is a global website working through servers located in different countries including USA. In particular we use OVH. If you live in a country which has a Law for personal information protection, the level of our protection of your details may not comply with the protection level in your country of residence. By providing your personal details using the services available on the Website you give your consent to transferring your personal details, storing and processing your personal details in all such countries.


5. Safety

How does Company protect my personal details?

Company performs reasonable and necessary safety measures for protection and preventing misusing and changing information which is under our control including your personal details. Company uses reasonable security measures for protection the confidentiality of your information such as protecting servers by means of fire walls. Our technical specialists are always working to ensure safety and protection of our Website.


We take reasonable precautions against possible safety violations of our Website and database. Nevertheless, no app, website or Internet data transmitting is fully safe so we cannot guarantee that unauthorized access, hacking, information lost or other violations will never happen. We encourage you to take necessary precautions for providing the safety of your personal details including your authorization details and we also recommend logging out after using Website.


We cannot guarantee the safety of your personal details at the moment of their transmitting to our website. Any transferring of your information is processed at your own risk. As soon as we get your details we protect them with safety functions which help to prevent unauthorized access.


How can I keep my personal details safe?

You must not disclose your registration details to the third parties or share them with anybody. If you lost your registration details or shared them with anybody your personal details may be put at risk. If this happens, please contact our support team and change your registration details on the page "Settings". Company cannot be responsible for your disability to keep your registration details safe and such disability can lead to violation of our Terms.


6. Your Rights

How can I change my profile?

You can change information about yourself in profile any time. After registration you can change information about yourself in your Profile if you need it.


If some information about you changed please update it in your Profile following prompts on the screen. We highly recommend changing your password from time to time to reduce a risk of unauthorized access to your profile.


According to the current Law users can require access to their personal information by requesting a copy of their information which we store. You can get this information in the section "Privacy Settings" of your profile.


Can I deactivate or delete my profile?

Users who want to delete their profile can do it by one of these ways:


Contact us in section "Customer Service".

Access your Profile, go to "Settings" and delete your profile or withdraw your consent to data processing.

If you want to stop using your profile, it will be deactivated first. That means that no user can find you on the Website though they will still be able to see your profile by direct cached links. We safe your profile for the case you would like to restore it. Many users deactivate profiles for temporal reasons and they expect that we will safe their personal details till they come back to our Website. So you will be able to restore your profile in full within 30 days after deactivation.


After 30 days your account will be permanently and fully deleted. To prevent abuse and/or misuse of the Company services by user whose account was blocked or deleted we save some information at our own consent as it can be necessary to prevent a second profile creation violating our Terms and also for observing all laws and regulations.


Note that if you withdraw your consent to processing your personal details your profile will be deleted within 24 hours and you will not be able to restore it.


Warning: Even after deletion of your information from your Profile or after your account deletion, copies of your information can still be visible and/or available on the Internet as you shared your information before with other users and your information could be copied or saved by other users, also your information can be saved in search systems. We cannot control it and we are not responsible for it. If you provided your personal information to third party websites or apps they can store your information in compliance with their terms of service or their privacy policy.


What will happen if I do nothing?

As our service is meant for connecting people we cannot provide services without processing your personal details. So we will process your personal details all the time until you delete your profile and within the period of not more than 6 months after that for the case if you would like to restore your profile. Though if you do not access your profile for more than 3 months we can delete it in the process of clearing database.


Your account is non-transferable and all rights on it and your account content will be deleted in case of your death.


If you have any questions concerning our Privacy Policy or the way we collect information and use it, please contact us via support team form or write to our information protection officer by email [email protected]


You can also give a complaint to Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)


Date of confirmation: October 17, 2018.